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Feb 6

2013 BioMarine Road Show- Canada Atlantic Provinces, part 1:

After ten days, our BioMarine Road trip has taken us to Saint John, New Brunswick. What an interesting and exciting journey! What started as a long series of presentations turned out to become a unique experience, notably through our discovery of an impressive potential for the biomarine resources sector. Flash back…

On January 23rd, we arrived in Halifax Nova Scotia. As usual we received such a warm welcome. The Atlantica Hotel located on the other side of the citadel is one of our partner hotels which will make your stay in Nova Scotia a unique and unforgettable experience.
The next day is dedicated to the organization of BioMarine 2013 with the National Research Council of Canada, NRC, co-organizer of this Halifax edition. Questions, discussions, exchanges and our program committee took the decision to refocus the conference and give up sessions on marine energy (wind and tidal) to deepen other biomarine topics. It was also decided to wait until February 15th to publish the sessions’ list in order to add further contributions from the many meetings we will do during our journey.

On January 25, Nova Scotia Business Inc invited us to participate in shipping conference at the Lord Nelson hotel .I’m in! I met with many key players, including the Deputy Minister for Economic Development of the provincial government. It’s always difficult to picture how Canadian politics are involved in economic development. They actually work hard to support businesses and help create jobs and wealth. Also a good reason to come to BioMarine…

The afternoon was devoted to meeting with Genome Atlantic. Although we already had the opportunity to meet with them, we took advantage of our trip to Halifax to update them with the latest BioMarine 2013 developments. Genome is an important organization that is actively involved in the field of marine bioresources including aquaculture. Canada supports many Salmon resettlement programs for which Genome actively brings its expertise.
A few more time to work on day to day business, then off to our next destination: Prince Eduard Island.

Sunday we were on the road towards the Confederation Bridge. And the weather today is… cold! -22 ° with the wind chill. Wherever we go we are asked the same question: why did you come in the winter? Because we are Canadian of course!

The breathtaking scenery unfolds. We reached the Confederation Bridge, and drove above the icepack. The view was spectacular. We finally arrived in the beautiful capital city of Charlottetown.
On 28th morning we meet our friends from BioAlliance. When it comes to doing business in PEI, small can be powerful. PEI’s Biosciences Cluster is made up of leaders from business, research, government and academia working together as an ambitious and dynamic team. Rose Fitzpatrick took us for a discovery tour. In the morning we visited AquaBounty on the west coast of the Island. We had a good conversation with Dawn, the facility Manager. It’s amazing what AquaBounty has accomplished. You may like it or not, but you must listen to them. I really want them to be part of our BioMarine Convention. We need to address the GMO Salmon in our discussions.

In the afternoon we went to the east coast of the island to visit the Halibut PEI farm. Gerry Johnson, Director of Sciences gave us a tour and so many interesting details on the Halibut life cycle… What a cute fish with such a great potential. We talked about potential development and possibility to open new farms in different parts of the world. Their expertise is unique. They have mastered the growing process with an impressive track of record. Halibut PEI is looking for partners, and it’s a MUST see at BioMarine!
On the same evening we spent some quality time with Rory Francis (CEO PEI BioAlliance), Russ Kerr (Nautilus Biosciences) and the entire BioAlliance team in a famous oyster restaurant. BioAlliance has developed a strong expertise in partnering system. This year BioAlliance is one of our BioMarine sponsor. They will provide you with their excellent one to one software, and we really look forward to working with them.

On the morning of January 29th, we visited the University of PEI with Darcy Shaw the Associate Dean. What a delightful place to study. They specialize on veterinary studies and aquatic diseases. The university, the Atlantic Provinces and the national research council are collaborating in a unique way to foster the spinoff of university projects. With a focus on the discovery and development of marine natural products for human and animal health and wellness, Nautilus Biosciences Canada Inc. has been building one of the world’s most unique collections. Russ Kerr (the CEO) has been involved in several editions of Biomarine. He works with key pharmaceutical groups building long term relationships. He is a strong support to BioMarine.
In the afternoon, The BioAlliance team has organized a networking session with 40 participants. It’s a unique occasion to present our 2013 Halifax convention. Questions, answers… we have a date! Let’s meet in September. Many thanks to the following people who attended: Carolyn Wood the new trade commissioner, Sean Li Canadian food Inspection agency, Peter Crooks executive director of the Culinary institute of Canada, Juergen Krause Director for health & Biotech management research, John from AquaBounty , Dr. Gerry Johnston, from the PEI Halibut production facility, etc…. you could meet with them at BioMarine.
Shortly after, we ended up back on the road for a 400 km long journey, from Charlottetown to Shippagan in the north of New Brunswick.

On the morning of January 30th, Pierre Rioux took us to the meeting place. He knows the place well, as he was born here, and it’s good to have such a guide. The road is frozen, as the rain freezes as soon as it touches the ground.
Pierre has organized a round table with Coastal Zones Research Institute and island Fisherman Cooperative association. After a short introduction, we entered a very intense discussion on how to attract international business and how to showcase local expertise. It’s brilliant. Several ideas are nesting and we decided to set up contact to prepare the September convention. Marcel, from the fishermen cooperative, has a wealth of raw materials. He is ready to strike deals with aquafeed manufacturers, nutraceuticals and cosmetics industry. Jacques Gagnon, Nadia Tchoukanova, and André Dumas from the CZRI have also several projects on fish byproducts and algae waiting for partners.

It looks like there are an infinite number of possibilities. From fish by products, shrimp shells, high quality shrimp meat, snow crabs, sea grass, and also herring laitance for cosmetic applications. There is a world of business opportunities waiting here in NB…
Another long haul down to Saint John: 6 hours with gusty winds and rains…. Irenia Roussel, the project Executive in charge of Innovation & business development at the New Brunswick government has organized a workshop at Saint John University. Now the focus is definitively on the algae biorefinery. What can we expect from BioMarine international network? We have tremendous expertise. We could extract so many compounds, but we need the end user market. BioMarine could bridge us to the rest of the world. We decided to do some homework and prepare actively the convention. New Brunswick industry will let you know what you can expect from them. They are looking to working with you and develop international business opportunities. It’s happening now, it’s in New Brunswick.

When you think it’s over it’s not. Another 1.5 hour of driving and we arrive in the wonderful place of St Andrews –by-the-sea to meet with the Huntsman marine center. There is a lot going on! Far from the city several Cies are conducting confidential research on salmon sea lice. The Huntsman has a unique collection of sea lice and a unique track of records on the parasite. It is also a unique place where the Atlantic salmon is breeding. Open for business the Huntsman is looking forward to discuss all these possibilities with you at BioMarine. I really want to thanks Pat Fitzgerald, the operation manager, Chris Bridger, the project manager, Amber Garber the research Scientist and Marlene Chase for sharing their passion and vision.
Our first week comes to an end. Stay tuned as the north will reveal its secrets….

From the atlantics Provinces, the BioMarine team on the road…..
Pierre Erwes – BioMarine Chairman

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