About us

What is BioMarine ?

BioMarine is the international platform dedicated to building an ambitious economic vision based assisting government and corporations to establish their blue growth strategy, and develop services and technology to catalyze value chains; building sustainable systems and businesses within sectors related to food production, health & nutrition, energy as well as the rational use, valorization and conservation of marine bioresources, of which aquaculture is an integral part.

BioMarine Key Facts:
– A unique business platform of 300 CEOs, top executives, investors and government officials
– A fast growing community of 250 000 professionals
– A deal maker with an proven track of records.
– A business connector platform dedicated to the Blue economy
– An international organization of clusters
– A new immersive expo called MyBlueCity

Estimated resulting deal flow:
– 2008: 26.5 M€
– 2011: 18.4 M€
– 2012: 16.1 M€
– 2013: 17.4 M€
– 2014: 53.1 M€
– 2015: 14.6 M€
– 2016: 9.5 M€ * so far

BioMarine is recognized as:
o Broker for Innovation in marine bio resources – innovation forum
o Broker for Investment – unique scouting platform
o Broker for International collaboration: industry – developing countries & applied research
o B2B for marine bio resources industries

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