About us


BlueGen is a French non-profit organization created in 2016 in order to establish the first international trans-sectoral platform for blue business, employment and education. BlueGen will organize both BioMarine and MyBlueCity ( www.bluegen.org)

Despite its enormous potential to our global economy, the concept of blue economy remains vague and unknown to key stakeholders such as investors, bankers, consumers, politicians, media, and, most importantly, the future generations which will inevitably have to take the lead in the years to come.

It is therefore crucial to raise awareness to different audiences across all sectors about how the blue revolution will provide employment, societal well-being, technological advancement, and environmental resilience (through the carbon circular economy).

In light of this reality, BlueGen has four main objectives:

–       Raise awareness about the diversity of blue careers, education programmes, as well as the benefits of the blue economy

–       Showcase the blue industry’s most innovative products and services

–       Create ‘blue’ university networks and multidisciplinary centers of excellence

–     Strengthen employability by ensuring that education programmes correspond with industry needs.

What is MyBlueCity?

  • A new interactive concept to discover the blue economy through innovative solutions and products, but not only…

What is BioMarine ?

  • an international platform for investment in marine bio resources

NB: BlueGen is sole beneficiary of BioMarine and MyBlueCity brands and copyrights ©