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The world of marine bio-resources is a complex mosaic of fast changing industries spanning across a wide variety of markets. These include aquaculture, animal feed, human nutrition, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, clean technology, bio-energy, bio-catalysts and the environment. Blue-Economy is thus the loose confluence of all these industries specializing on the extraction, development and valorization of marine bio-resources and marine bio-applications. It is an emergent trans-sector platform that only now is aggregating around its common denominators: Bio-technology and the Oceans.

Despite having an annual turnover exceeding $ 172 billion, the inadequate attention devoted to marine activities has hampered the development within the various industries:

• Only 8% of the total biotech market
• Less than 1% of the total bio-materials market
• Marine bio energies represent 2% of the energy market
• Marine renewable energies less than 8% of the energy market
• Aquaculture only represents 12% of the global animal protein
• Blue chemistry represent only 6% of the chemicals market
• Only account for 13% of the cosmetics market
• 32 % of the nutraceuticals market
• But Marine ingredients represent already 38% of natural compounds market

The Biomarine Platform is emerging as an identifiable trans-sector and this “cross-borders” nature is opening new walkways for R&D, Marketing, and new business opportunities. When compared to other sectors, the Biomarine Platform offers four key structural advantages:
1. A fast growing environment
2. Synergies and cross-fertilization across sectors
3. Access to unexplored Natural Resources, prime access to emerging opportunities
4. Long term value for human populations

There is still however considerable space for improvement and optimization. Most of these value chains are emergent and they do not often cross link. The Biomarine industry is characterized by fast growth and open space, but also by pioneering silos and lack of synergies. Business models tend to be linear, focusing on applying a proprietary technology to a single upstream of resources, and a single downstream application.
BioMarine aims to represent the blue economy actors at international level.

Starting June 2012, BIOMARINE ORGANIZATION Ltd. (HONG-KONG) will manage and coordinate the Franchises, the business conventions, partner events, consulting and M&A operations. BIOMARINE ORGANIZATION Ltd. is a HONG KONG based corporation to which all former contracts and assignments have be reassigned.


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