8th BioMarine International Business Convention
1-3 oct 2017, Rimouski Qc, Canada View Location

Jan 10

MARINE INNOVATION DAY March 5th Bergen – Norway

“Mare Life Marine Innovation Seminar, Oslo March 6th.
BioMarine is supporting The marine Innovation seminar organized by Mare Life at the occasion of the North Atlantic Sea Food conference. BioMarine will attend the pre-conference seminar and actively contribute to the debate in order to build the momentum for the Sept. Halifax convention.

Jan 10

NCMA’s Algal Culturing Techniques Course

“NCMA’s Algal Culturing Techniques Course….

Jan 10

BioMarine 2013 Road Show

“BioMarine 2013 Road Show: Canada and US east Coast from Jan 22 to Feb 22

During one month we will present the 2013 Business convention and prepare this important meeting. You have questions, you wish to present or be part of the think-tanks, be a speaker in a thematic session or just have a booth at the expo, then contact us. We will probably find a time to meet on our way down to Wilmington, NC.

Jan 6

Editorial – Jan 2013

“Showing the way for 2013….

After a year of the fire Dragon faithful to what we could expect, on February 10th we’ll delve into the year of the black water snake. I can already hear the lamentations in regards of the many challenges that our societies will face in this New Year. During the last decade, the rapid development of our societies has created severe disparities that create rivalries and confrontations. Before the hesitation and lack of leadership of our political powers, our societies have fallen back on themselves, waiting for better days..”