8th BioMarine International Business Convention
1-3 oct 2017, Rimouski Qc, Canada View Location

Sep 18

BioMarine September e newsletter

“BioMarine London Summit: five weeks to go!
Welcome back:
August 31st: During the 4th edition of the “rendez vous de Concarneau”, I had the chance to meet with the European marine biotechnology research community. I really enjoy this fruitful exchange and I am glad to see that some of the participants will join the discussion in London next October…read the entire newsletter

Sep 18

La Prairie Awards

The La Prairie Award, for Innovation in Marine Protection will create awareness and provide support for projects within the Albert II of Monaco Foundation, established by Prince Albert II to accelerate projects and solutions for the environment, promoting sustainability and equitable management of natural resources.

Aug 31

Geomar’s presentation in Concarneau

Dr. Antje Labes, GEOMAR Germany | Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel is one of the world’s leading institutes in the field of marine sciences. The institute investigates the chemical, physical, biological and geological processes of the seafloor, oceans and ocean margins and their interactions with the atmosphere..”

Jul 2

Sea Food in Japan – by Roy Palmer


Seafood has played a prominent role in Japan’s food history. The country helped spread sushi, surimi and tempura, and fish consumption by the Japanese is still among the highest in the world. Their taste for seafood also contributes to better health. A study found that men in Japan who regularly ate seafood had twice the omega-3 fatty acid levels in their blood as men living in the United States had. The Japanese also had less-severe atherosclerosis.”