BioMarine International Clusters Association – BICA is The International Private Public partnership dedicated to BioMarine industries.


BICA is a multi stakeholders driven organization dedicated to innovation in blue bio-sectors. All relevant stakeholders such as large companies, SMEs, Clusters, universities, regions, associations, technology platforms can join BICA.

BICA prepares several initiatives to foster marine bio resources road map in Europe, Canada and around the world.
– Developing a new carbon free circular Economy
– Translating R&D potential into new biobased products and markets
– Accelerating the transition towards smart and efficient use of resources
– Strengthening competitiveness in the global biomarine economy

BICA advocates the blue growth opportunities and raises the profile of blue bio industry among policymakers, the future Blue Generation and the public. BICA is preparing the European Blue Bio industry: Objectives 2030

– Produce 30% of biomass for European bio-based product’s market
– Create 5 M. jobs, in mareculture, biorefineries, end user markets such as bio-materials, animal feed, nutrition, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals
– Foster the process of establishment of 6 world class marine clusters based in Ireland, France, Portugal, Germany, Spain and Norway,
– Give access to qualified training to over 9,000 students, young people and unemployed,
– Develop coaching and knowledge transfer using retired professionals
– Enable international cooperation through international marine clusters

BICA also works towards enriching the industry with networking, partnering and education opportunities: BioMarine Business Convention, the international investment platform and BlueGen focusing on the next generation of blue entrepreneurs.





In order to join the association as an Associate Member, an Investor Member or a Benefactor Member, the applicant must be:

  1. A recognized biomarine cluster focusing on the sustainable exploitation, commercialization and / or research in the field of marine bio-resources ;
  2. A maritime cluster which includes activities in the biomarine field: of marine biotechnologies, micro algae or seaweeds, ecofriendly fisheries, fish processing, environment or marine ingredients and bio prospecting.
  3. A professional association or industrial key player which is active in the field of Marine Bio-resources
  4. A research organization working in the field of marine bio-resources and/or its trans-sector applications.
  5. A government agency with a strategy focused on the valorization of marine bio-resources
  6. An investor, a financial group, a banking institution that has active funding sources for marine bio-resources projects or ventures
  7. A recognized key opinion leader who can bring credit to the association and advocate its mission; ( Honorary Member)
  8. An organization, an investor group, a physical or legal entity (consumer organizations included) wishing to finance or in other way to support the purpose of the association

Any entity wishing to join BICA must commit to the following conditions:
– To actively participate in the life of the association
– To participate or be represented to the annual meeting organized during BioMarine annual convention.

Admission includes full acceptance and understanding of the statutes and internal rules:


INTERESTED ?HOW TO APPLY? If you are interested in joining B.I.C.A. please complete the application form document below and send it back to .



Pierre Erwes, Executive Chairman of BioMarine© – Founder and Chairman of the Board B.I.C.A.: “The intent of the association is to connect SMEs with global investors and opportunities. With the biomarine industry valued at $176 billion annually, that presents a unique opportunity for small and medium-sized companies. The association will also have a trans-sector approach, connecting players in different fields, like aquaculture, marine biotech, and aquafeed, with each other, a unique feature of the group.”

H.E. Bernard Fautrier, CEO, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, co-founder B.I.C.A.: “The foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco is committed to ocean sustainability and conservation. Environmental issues in marine bioresources spheres are of considerable importance: energy, health, food and environment. It appears that industry and finance are two fundamental components of the ocean sustainability. If we wish to foster the development of ocean conservation we must increase the rational collaboration between research, industry development, the investment sector and the civil society.”

Oystein Lie, past chairman MarLife, Norway – B.I.C.A. Founding Member – Bio
Deborah Mosca, CEO Marine Bio-Technologies Center of Innovation, USA – B.I.C.A. Founding Member – Bio
Oyvind Fylling-Jensen, CEO NOFIMA, Norway
Martin Beaulieu, General Manager, SOPER, Canada

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HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco shares his vision about his Foundation and BioMarine International Clusters Association.


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