8th BioMarine International Business Convention
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Apr 19

BioMarine Oslo, Newsletter N°7, April 2016

The blue growth in our blue bio economy is becoming a reality and I am the witness of this per-fect blooming. From Tromsø to Lisbon, the Atlantic coast is nursing a multitude of exciting pro-jects. Biorefinery, which includes most of the key enabling technologies that will be used by our industry in the coming years, is at the forefront of this industrial revolution. It will enable biomass conversion and the extraction of the right biomolecules for feed, nutrition, cosmetics and healthcare. It will also help producing the right starch which will allow the development of the next blue revolution: bioplastics. We are actively preparing the ground to effectively support the development of our SMEs.

The BioMarine 2016 edition in Oslo will not only offer outstanding new perspectives on the development of our industry but it will also connect you directly with the investors, banks, and institutions which will finance your development. BioMarine is becoming the blue investment platform you were expecting. Become an actor of the blue growth, join us now.