8th BioMarine International Business Convention
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Cascais 2014

Portugal and Marine bioresources

Portugal not only has the potential but wants to be one of the key drivers of Marine Bio-Resources growth, based upon its main competitive advantages:

 Political aspects

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Pr Manuel Pinto de Abreu, Secretary of State for the Sea, Portuguese Government.
“Portugal is making significant efforts to encourage investment and R&D activities in the ocean. Portugal is at the forefront on the adoption of procedures for good ocean governance, as well as for the sustainable development of the ocean in its three main components: social, environmental and economic.

Amongst the sectors currently being advanced, marine biotech is a priority. Portugal is committed in overcoming the existing difference in R&D between biotech and marine biotech, bringing marine biotech up to speed, while continuing to invest and further develop the biotech sector in Portugal. Hosting BioMarine 2014 in Cascais will be a challenge for Portugal and a unique chance for all those interested in taking advantage of the changes taking place in Portugal, namely, with respect to the national strategy for the sea and marine spatial planning. Indeed, these are times of opportunity for Portugal that must be enhanced and grasped making the Sea of Portugal an ocean of opportunities for all.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Cascais.”



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Helena Vieira, Co-Founder of BIOALVO SA and Invited Professor at FCUL
Marine Biotech Potential in Portugal
For centuries, Portugal has historically been linked to the sea in its many activities, from sailing, to fishing, to surf and sports, to science and, more recently, to marine biotech.
We have over 70 biotech SMEs working directly and indirectly with marine resources/activities and they can be potential clients and partners to your businesses. If you join these enterprises together with a large number of other companies working in the ocean, mix it with the expertise and infrastructure of over 50 R&D marine centres and institutes, a highly trained human resources network and the potential of investment of Portuguese VCs and Government and you have the perfect scenario to start making business in marine biotech in Portugal! Come and meet us in Cascais in October 2014.


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Joaquim Macedo de Sousa, Manager of Science and Technology, University of Aveiro, Coordinator and national Academia representative BioMarine 2014
“In Portugal there has been a growing recognition that the value of research lies in its use. Whereas scientific papers are an important academic indicator they cannot be considered as an indicator of use in the perspective of the society and the economy. The present national financial crisis poses the challenge to the academic community to align its research with the innovation value chain, i.e. to drive collaborative and applied research with the industry or even to foster spin-off companies. The sustainable exploitation of Portuguese biomarine resources is considered as an excellent opportunity, due to its diversity, availability and specificities. BioMarine 2014 will be an important milestone to Portuguese research and innovation agenda as a business convention designed to promote a close interaction between scientist, entrepreneurs and investors. Moreover the international and high-level profile of participants is a key factor of success.”

 Abundance of raw materials

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Joao NavalhoJoao Navalho, CTO, A4F
5 reasons why Portugal is the perfect location for biomarine initiatives
– Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe and have one of the biggest Exclusive Economic Zone in the world; portuguese history is being driven by the sea.
– Portugal is a safe country with a mild four seasons weather and where most of the people speak english.
– For the last years Portugal did invest a lot in education and science & technology, there are a lot of Well educated young people available to join new projects.
– Portugal have a National Strategy for the Sea, portuguese government is very keen to push new investments around biomarine resources.
– Portugal is a modern country, with good flying connections and safe new roads; there are technology parks in the major cities, company incubators all over the country and more than 30 state R&D units focused on marine research.
5 reasons why you should attend BioMarine 2014
– Because Biomarine business convention is getting to be the most important meeting for the biomarine industry.
– Because you want to know who is who and met people that can help to develop yourself and your business.
– Because you have a business idea and want to present it to investors.
– Because Portugal is a pleasant country, with open and generous people, great food and better wine to go with.