8th BioMarine International Business Convention
1-3 oct 2017, Rimouski Qc, Canada View Location

May 9

Interview Francisco Gomes – Executive Manager Aqua Business Unit – Novus International, USA

Interview Francisco Gomes – Executive Manager
Aqua Business Unit – Novus International, USA

Partner of the Aquaculture think tank on oct 25th
“Aquaculture is the water platform. One of the functions of that platform is the production of Animal Protein. For that production to be efficient animals need health & nutrition. Not only in their feeds but also in their production systems directly. Novus provides the functionality of health & Nutrition strategies used throughout the value chain”

Apr 11

Interview Hervé Balusson Olmix Group CEO

Hervé Balusson, Founder and CEO OLMIX Group
Partner of our MacroAlgae Think Tank
“Our expertise in the knowledge and the mastering of active principles stemming from macro-algae opened up new fields of application. ……«Health through algae» is the founding concept of the new Amadéite company which is developing breakthrough products dedicated to control Animals and Vegetables pathologies (immunostimulation, anti-infective agents, elicitation effect).”

Mar 30

Editorial April 2012

“Building our BioMarine International Community….”

For over four years we have been working on a new dynamic, encouraging many actors of the marine bio resources industry to meet the growing need for qualified information, sharing experiences, international development, and lobbying towards international organizations.

Mar 29

Thalocea news April 2012

thlaocea blue businessEditorial by Aline Pajolec..Seaweed biofuel was at the heart of last issue’s news selection, with a new microbe genetically engineered specially to break down and ferment alginate and all the other major sugars in seaweed into ethanol.
It is also gaining momentum in India, with global biotech company Novozymes partnering with Bangalore-based startupSea6 Energy to produce seaweed biofuel.