8th BioMarine International Business Convention
1-3 oct 2017, Rimouski Qc, Canada View Location

Feb 2

Editorial – Feb 2012

Happy New Year! Here comes the Black water Dragon. As of January 23, 2012, better get ready to rock and roll….
Or else crawl under a rock until it’s over. In a Dragon year, everything is magnified tenfold. Dragon year, therefore, is propitious for people who have the courage to take risks and hold firmly to their principles.

Jan 31

Thalocea News – Jan 2012

thlaocea blue businessEditorial by Amélie Fargue..Biotech Architecture Lab’s breakthrough could hardly be missed this week, with a new microbe genetically engineered specially to break down and ferment alginate and all the other major sugars in seaweed into ethanol.

Seaweed is also the subject of research for the Munich University of Technology, where researchers have discovered a promising new system which can convert brown seaweed into biofuel, opening up a new possible source of energy…

Jan 1

Editorial – Jan 2012

And… what if the most efficient way of doing business was… you? Back in September, during the two marathon days in Nantes, after long runs, stressful period of doubt, I realized that all the technology, the software and the information we were providing were not the ultimate key to a successful convention. Size, components, environment always matter, and if we expect to make fruitful business, in a speedy environment then it’s all about alchemy.

May 27

Interview of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco by Pierre Erwes Chairman BioMarine

In an international environmental context of concern, Prince Albert II draws the major global issues regarding marine environment: “The Sea is an essential component of life and is part of our human heritage. Our duty is to ensure that this heritage is preserved and passed on to the next generations in a sustainable and rational way. Let us learn from our hesitations, our past mistakes and let us build now the foundations for a fruitful collaboration which brings together civil society, industrials, investors and scientists.”