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Mar 30

Editorial April 2012

“Building our BioMarine International Community….”

For over four years we have been working on a new dynamic, encouraging many actors of the marine bio resources industry to meet the growing need for qualified information, sharing experiences, international development, and lobbying towards international organizations.

The path is often strewn with obstacles, including the ones of the conservative and traditional organizations which did not anticipate the rapid development of our new and transversal community. What are we talking

The world of marine bio-resources is a complex mosaic of fast and changing boundaries, affecting on one hand the involved industries and on the other hand, the various innovation processes. I have often emphasized throughout our BioMarine conventions, how the disparity of our activities offers a world of opportunities and synergies.

The marine ingredients in all their forms are the heart of our expertise and our activities. All our “end-user” markets including aquaculture, Aquafeed, nutrition, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, clean technology, bio-energy, and the environment, are developing the quality and quantity of these sustainable raw ingredients. Despite having an annual turnover exceeding $ 172 billion, the inadequate attention devoted to marine activities has greatly hampered its development within the industry. The share of marine biotechnology, for instance, only represents 6.2% of the entire biotechnology technology market. The same can be said about marine cosmetics, representing only a little over 12% of the global cosmetics market.

By structuring our marine bio-resources industry in a transversal approach, we open new walkways for applied research, the development of international collaborations, as well as numerous business opportunities. Seaweed producers, for instance, have become key players in the development of aquaculture. The results of their research are very promising for future of marine activities. The development “fatty acids” of vegetable origin has positively impacted the Nutraceuticals industry. Likewise, the elaboration of sophisticated compounds, such as carotenoids and collagens, will unquestionably have profound spill-over effects within the cosmetics industry. Furthermore, biotechnology companies and the general blue chemistry industry will benefit from recent improvements in the extraction of metabolites and/or enzymes from microalgae and sea weeds.
The promotion of microalgae and sea-grass, moreover, will offer an interesting alternative to the current use of land crops in second generation biofuels. Algae needs should be promoted over usage of land planted products which are essential components of Human and animal’s nutrition.
Thanks to genomics and biotechnology, marine bio resources are at the starting point of a fantastic technological and conceptual revolution. Everything tends to show that the possibilities related to the development of marine bio-resources are as important as the utilization of coal during industrial age.

2012 – 2013 will be the years of consolidation of our industry. To support our development and offer a global network of opportunities, it is essential to organize ourselves with structure and tools, in order to pool and share our knowledge. There is a world of business opportunities at hand:

– Bridging producers of innovative marine enzymes with nutrition sector, the Aquafeed, cosmetics, the bioremediation but also the pharmaceutical and biomaterials.
– Connecting the algae pulp producers with major industrial distributors to improve the biodegradable smart packaging.
– Encouraging large offshore companies to adopt these revolutionary biofilms that will avoid the use of chemical antifouling so harmful to our environment
– Enabling aquaculture producers to optimize their production by adequate food, while reducing the environmental footprint.

2012-2013 will be the years structuring the world of marine bio-resources:
– Our partnership with the Perendale, publisher of “International Aquafeed magazine,” has evolved into a strategic alliance that allows us to join a network of unique skills in the world of marine bio-resources with an international dimension of marketing power.
– This month we shall launch the new global directory BioMarine-resource.com that will allow all global
players involved in one of our key sectors (marine ingredients, Aquaculture, Aquafeed, nutraceuticals, nutrition, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, biotech, cleantech, bioremediation, and bio-energy) to list their products, their organization, and their company and create new dynamic business opportunities.
– BioMarine 2012 London-UK, will lay the foundation of our new organization and thematic think-tanks organized in partnership with our industry will give the structural bases of the major themes of 2013.
– BioMarine Business Convention North America 2013 in Halifax – Canada, will be the place to meet all global partners around a large exhibition, trade show, conferences, think tanks, a discovery day, aquaculture policy seminar to share our industry concerns with politics and international

By joining our BioMarine Business Community today, you participate to development of our industry, you become an active player in the discussions of the future regulations and allow your company to gain more visibility and opportunities at a global level. Our annual Biomarine Convention will become the annual meeting place of our industry organization.

I look forward to shaping our industry future together with you.

Pierre Erwes
Chairman BioMarine