8th BioMarine International Business Convention
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Jan 1

Editorial – Jan 2012

And… what if the most efficient way of doing business was… you? Back in September, during the two marathon days in Nantes, after long runs, stressful period of doubt, I realized that all the technology, the software and the information we were providing were not the ultimate key to a successful convention. Size, components, environment always matter, and if we expect to make fruitful business, in a speedy environment then it’s all about alchemy.

Attendees are like molecules in the ocean. If the conditions become optimal they assemble, they merge, they absorb, and they build more efficient structures to adapt to their competitive environment.

This new edition of BioMarine convention is a brand new unique page that we are about to write. Before we start, we have to study in details, which components will be part of the final soup, how we will bring them together and what possible reactions this will lead to. How exciting!!!

Marine bio resources are one of the fastest growing sectors in the life sciences industry. There is a world of business opportunities we wish to share with you again this coming year. We will offer you a home like environment, to work efficiently, to network at will and strike business deals as usual.

International Aquafeed magazine is our co-organizing partner. They provide the best specialized communication platform in our industry and together we will offer you the ultimate tools to make your participation a success.

In 2012, (24 -25th October) BioMarine stops over in London at the fishmonger’s Hall. It is the most attracting city of the year: Olympic Games, Diamond jubilee and more than 117 different events and conventions will be hosted this year in the City….

When it comes to marine bio resources, UK is also the leading place in Europe. The new government is very active when it comes to business and jobs creation. UK offers a dynamic environment for research, industry and investment. It is definitively the place to be…before we land in Canada in 2013.

I look forward to seeing you, in London on October 24 -25 2012.