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Jan 6

Editorial – Jan 2013

“Showing the way for 2013….”

After a year of the fire Dragon faithful to what we could expect, on February 10th we’ll delve into the year of the black water snake. I can already hear the lamentations in regards of the many challenges that our societies will face in this New Year. During the last decade, the rapid development of our societies has created severe disparities that create rivalries and confrontations. Before the hesitation and lack of leadership of our political powers, our societies have fallen back on themselves, waiting for better days.
Fortune favors the brave! It is time for each of us to act to change things and prepare our societies for future challenges. What are the drivers of this new deal: Space and Oceans!
While Curiosity is set to work on the Red Planet, revealing these great Martian landscapes, while sending thousands of information that will allow us to decipher the potential of the planet, we are finally beginning to consider extra terrestrial development, which allow future generations to conquer new territories and habitats necessary for the human race expansion. This future is already written in the plans and will require strong international collaboration between the scientific, economic and investor communities to which we must not forget political leadership.
At the same time down on our blue planet, we become aware of the major interest of the oceans and its incredible marine biological resources potential. We must quickly develop a real strategy for our oceans that combine conservation and economic development, which match sustainable fishery policies and the optimization of aquaculture, which pass through the intensification of marine renewable energy, setting up of a framework algae industry, increased research on micro algae for energy, nutrition, aquafeed, and also pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals.
Since we launched BioMarine in October 2008, I have seen the emergence of a number of initiatives too often redundant, to promote a regional or local economic ambition. This is heading in the right direction and tends to support the cause of sustainable economic development of our oceans. As you know, during the past 5 years we have built a BioMarine community of 25,000 professionals in over 52 countries, working in more than 33 different disciplines. This community includes many BioMarine entrepreneurs, scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors, representatives of non-governmental organizations, politicians, journalists and celebrities. To create a true productive synergy, that can propose, develop and accelerate decisions in our business and we finalize this year, the launch of our BioMarine international association.
Whether you are in the areas of marine ingredients, nutraceuticals, cosmetics marine algae micro or macro, or in the marine bio energy, nutrition and feed, aquaculture, biomaterials, marine biotechnology, cleantech or in environmentals then you are all concerned.
Our aim is to enable the development of sustainable exploitation of marine bio-resources and all trans- sectors applications, to foster opportunities by syndicalizing our actions, becoming a force of transnational proposal in the context of industrial marine bioresources.
BioMarine association will meet the needs of industry, sciences and civil society by creating and organizing economic and societal value from blue-economy based value chains in food, energy and biotechnology.
BioMarine’s Mission is to be the champion for marine bio resources. We will advocate for policies that will enable the realization of biotechnology’s promise for providing breakthrough products to feeding the world, and cleaning our environment, and improve health and nutrition.
The Biomarine platform is a new source of economic development, one where the value chains and the business models are still under development. Simultaneously, the oceans are the last truly unexplored resources, a resource we cannot afford to miss. Its size, its role in the ecosphere and its potential in meeting human sustainable development make it “unmissable”.
The uniqueness of BioMarine association is the conjugation of a strong business opportunity and a strong moral objective. We want to make the world a better place by creating Shared Value in Biomarine industries.

Let’s make this new coming year a fruitful opportunity for all of us and our Biomarine industry.
Pierre Erwes