8th BioMarine International Business Convention
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Feb 4

Message from Pr Manuel Pinto de Abreu

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Pr Manuel Pinto de Abreu, Secretary of State for the Sea, Portuguese Government.

With the extension of Portugal’s continental shelf and the consequent access to vast areas of the ocean and its resources, Portugal will gain a new dimension and with it an important responsibility regarding the sustainable development of these immense maritime areas and resources. This new dimension will significantly contribute towards the increase of Portugal’s exchange with countries of the north and south Atlantic basins. Portugal’s Atlantic dimension is also a privileged platform for the development of Europe’ blue economy beyond the continent’s immediate adjacent maritime areas.

Portugal is a principal European country in bio marine capabilities and aims at becoming Europe’s foremost leader in the bio marine sector, particularly by creating and attracting investment opportunities and supporting the development of R&D. Important steps have also been taken to improve the legal and regulatory framework. In this respect fundamental measures have been implemented, namely, the approval of the National Strategy for the Sea and the preparation of groundbreaking legislation on marine spatial planning that will simplify and accelerate approval procedures. Financing is also available through public funds but also private funds that have long understood the potential for investing in Portugal’s sea-economy.

Portugal’s resolve in developing its sea-economy is aligned with the agenda of BioMarine2014. This is a unique opportunity for investors to meet, extend their network and learn from best practices of key national and international stakeholders. BioMarine2014 is the gateway for outstanding business opportunities in Portugal.

We look forward to welcoming you in Cascais!