8th BioMarine International Business Convention
1-3 oct 2017, Rimouski Qc, Canada View Location

MyBlueCity @ BioMarine 2017!

This year, BlueGen association, an international trans-sectoral platform for blue business, employment, and education, will be organizing the BioMarine Business Convention as well as the first edition of MyBlueCity.

MyBlueCity is an immersive platform composed of:

  • Interactive panels to learn about blue growth challenges
  • Immersive and thematic ‘districts to raise awareness about the blue economy regroup blue actors
  • Interactive demos for blue actors to present their innovative products and services
  • An agora with BioMarine TV for business, policy, and academic experts to debate and interact with the public on overcoming blue growth issues. The agora will also host the pitching zone for start-ups to present their projects to investors.
  • Youth workshops for businesses, academia, and students to discuss how to facilitate blue employment. Every workshop will target a specific youth population, thereby enabling universities and businesses to present education and employment opportunities that match the profiles and skills of the candidates.
  • University workshop designed to identify pragmatic solutions towards the construction of a blue university network (with three focus areas: employment, education, and research). The following topics will be discussed during the workshop:
    • Harmonization of the skills obtained in education programmes with the industry needs
    • Facilitation of exchange programmes between universities and degree/course equivalences
    • Utility of a ‘mapping’ of blue universities to raise awareness about blue education
    • Cooperating with ‘traditional’ universities to create interdisciplinary ‘blue’ programs
    • Identification of post-graduation ‘best-practices’ to facilitate youth employment

Visualization of MyBlueCity when full size:

What is a Demo?

Each partner has a 2m x2m area with desk or table where he can present his product.
Each demo belongs to a thematic district.
The 2017 Districts have been decided by the Programme Committee: Blue Harbour (includes Aquaculture), Blue Factory, Blue Education, Blue Pharmacy (includes Blue Hospital and Blue Spa) and Blue Restaurant. Governements and regions willing to showcase their Blue economy can order a district.
The cost of one demo is 900 euros : includes one pass for a lunch on Monday and Tuesday ( BioMarine convention zone), plus visibility of your demo in the final printed programme.
Deadline of booking a demo is June 30, 2017.
Once your demo is approved by organization committee, you will receive a code to book it online.

Are you interested in booking a demo in one of the 2017 districts? or share your vision and experience in the Agora?
If you are a start up, would you like to participate in the pitching session?
Send us an email: contact@bluegen.org

Why you should participate:


  • Use demos to present your most innovative products and services to other professionals and the public
  • Create new business opportunities and network with industry peers
  • Explore latest trends and meet technical experts
  • Participate in customized professional tours designed to enhance your experience within the platform


  • Present your university programs and interact with potential future students
  • Strengthen your research impact by collaborating with industries
  • Work with other universities to create an international blue university network


  • Understand your future role within the blue economy
  • Identify blue university programs to obtain industry relevant skills
  • Apply for exciting career opportunities


Meal and Refreshment
The organization will not provide any official lunch or snacking item to MyBlueCity’s visitors. Snacks and sandwiches can be purchased from the coffee/snack point located on MyBlueCity.