BioMarine 2008 – Marseille – France

An official event of the French Presidency of the European council

BioMarine 2008 Marseille

Introduction & History

BioMarine, the first global forum on the Sea, was organized in October 2008 in Toulon and Marseille in the south of France. The French Presidency which, at the time, was developing its maritime agenda, acclaimed the forum as it was the first in its kind to target a full spectrum of maritime issues, bringing together global industrial and business partners already committed to the project, and displaying an exceptional potential of communication.

Under the direct authority of the Prime Minister, the French “Secrétariat Général de la Mer” assigned the French Presidency label to BioMarine as “A European marine and maritime vision across the world”. With the attribution of the label formalized, BioMarine counted amongst the rare major events PFUE (only 20 in 450) to involve one or more political figures. In the marine and maritime sectors, and apart from other institutional events of a different nature, BioMarine so far has been the major event of its kind to take place under the French presidency.

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