BioMarine 2012 London, UK 24-25 Oct

The Fishmongers’ Hall was an amazing heritage venue for the 2012 BioMarine Summit. In a cosy ambiance, our 150 attendees were in the best conditions to network, exchange, dialogue and make business. BioMarine is definitely a place for trans-sector exchanges. We had many positive comments on the alchemy of our summit, bringing together many different points of view, working on so different issues.
The 6 think-tank sessions proved to be a really good working place and the concept itself fostered exchanges between participants. We covered most the interesting topics from marine bio resources including:

1- Algae – Aquafeed: « Macro-algae valorization: from the sea to the aquaculture markets »
2- Marine biotech for Health “Marine Bioresources: in the service of health and nutrition”
3- Nutraceuticals: “Omega-3s: Efficacy and purity…”
4- Aquaculture: “2030: The Aquaculture Platform- Facilitating significant growth in global aquaculture”
5- Marine Biotech for environement: “Understanding, managing and remediating our world”
6- Marine Micro algae & Nutrition: “ Marine Algal oils: novel applications in food, health and cosmaceuticals”

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iaf90BioMarine London 2012 was co-organized with International Aquafeed magazine


Opening plenary

Click to view the video message from HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco:

“… I hope that through your work during those two days, you can directly contribute to the dissemination of the great advances in all fields of marine bioresources and to establish the best practices that contribute to the development of an overall conservation of our most essential resource: the oceans.

These oceans were the cradle of life on earth; they would be the main source of our food in the future. I call on the whole BioMarine Community to mobilize in order to find innovative solutions to emphasize the common heritage of mankind. …”

Message from HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
Opening Plenary BioMarine London 2012

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Company Presentations

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by Stephan B. Tanda,
Member of the Managing Board Royal DSM

by Helena Vieira, CEO

by Brian Monks, Cluster Manager

by Rahul Loyalka, Director

by Dr. Michael Kuehnel, Sales Manager

by Francisco Gomes, Executive Manager, Aquaculture Business Unit

2012 BioMarine attendees (click to open)

Jean Luc Allavena, Partner, Apollo Management International, UK
Christine Alami, Project Manager for the Saint Malo Science Park, France
Mike Allen, Senior Scientist, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Stephane Bach, MG4U Oceanomics Project Roscoff, France
Assia Bah-Drif, Project ManagerResearch Department Setubio, France
Blandine Baert, Roquette Group, France
Hervé Balusson, President & CEO, Olmix Group, France
Simeon Batov, Manager, Tanergy Ltd., Bulgaria
Martin Beaulieu, Directeur scientifique, Opérations, innoVactiv, Rimouski ,Canada
Alexandre Beljean , Global Aquaculture Business Unit Manager, Invivo-NSA, France
Laurent  Bellavance, Executive Director, Technopole Maritime du Quebec, Canada
Arne  Benjaminsen, Dir.Gen. Department of Research and Innovation, Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, Norway
John Benzie, Professor of Marine Molecular Ecology-MG4U WP5 leader (Knowledge Transfer to Policy) , Cork University College, Ireland
Gunnar Berge,  Director Business Development, Pronova BioPharma, Norway
Bruno Berheide, Programa National de Biotecnologia – Technical Advisor &  Business Developer,  Ministry of Science and Technology, Mozambique.
Henrik Bisgaard-Frantzen, Senior Director R&D Innovation, Novozymes A/S, Denmark
Stephanie Block, R&D Manager, ADM, USA
Fred Brouns, Chair “Health Food Innovation”, Maastricht University, Netherlands
Craig Browdy, Executive Manager Aquaculture, Novus International, USA
Patricia Calado, Director of Bioactive Discovery & Development, Bioalvo, Portugal
Ricardo Calado, Center for Environmental and Marine Studies, Univ. of Aveiro, Portugal
Pierre Calleja, Chairman, CEO and Founder, Fermentalg, France
Ross Campbell, Director CyberColloids Ltd, Ireland
Gordon Campbell, High Commissioner for Canada, UK
Douglas Carswell, MP, UK Parliament
Michelle Carter, Knowledge Transfer Manager, Biosciences KTN, UK
Anne Cortier, Director of the NUTRAHUB® Nutrition and Health research programme , Roquette Group, France
Michael Angus Crawford, Professor, Imperial College Institute of Human Nutrition, UK
Simon Davies, Professor Aquaculture Nutrition, Plymouth University, UK
Tiago De Pita e Cuhna, Adviser to the Portuguese President on maritime affairs, Portugal
Peter van den Dorpel, CEO, AlgaeLink, the Netherlands
Adel El-Mowafi,Managing Director at EWOS Innovation AS, Norway
Pierre Erwes, Chairman BioMarine
Véronique Erwes, COO BioMarine Organization Ltd
Amélie Fargue, Information Manager, Thalocea, France
Emmanuel Fiessinger, General Partner Life Sciences Department, Seventure Partners, France
Vincent Fournier, Research and Development Manager, Aquativ (Diana Group), France
Rory Francis, Executive DirectorPrince Edward Island BioAlliance, Canada
Bernhard Friess,Director “Atlantic, Outermost Regions and Arctic” in DG Mare, European Commission
Roger Gilbert,  CEO Perendale Publishers Ltd, UK
Maria Gil, Marine Resources Research Group Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal
Frank Oliver Glöckner, Professor, Head of Microbial Genomics & Bioinformatics Group, Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Germany
Sven Gohla, Managing Director, Matahari Technology Consulting , Switzerland
Francisco Gomes, Executive Manager, Aqua Business Unit, Novus International USA
Etienne Grange, Director, Financonsult, France
Anne Gaelle Grosdemange , Quality Manager , Polaris France
Colleen Hahn, Chief Marketing Officer, OceanGate, Inc., USA
Thomas Hagen, Senior Associate, Grette Law, Norway
Yves Harache, President European Aquaculture Society, Belgium
Maria  Hayes, NutraMara Scientific Project Manager , Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ireland
Tony Haymet, Professor, Director Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA
Trond Helgerud,  Alginate Core Technology Manager, FMC BioPolymer, Norway
Anne Humeau,R&D Director, Soliance, France
Berit Johne, JPI Oceans – The Research Council of Norway
Lokesh Joshi, Director, Alimentary Glycoscience Research Cluster, University of Ireland Galway
Philippe Jouard, CEO, Concordia Capital LLC, Qatar
Inga Kaasen,  Partner Life Science, Food and Health, Grette Law, Norway
Russell  Kerr, CEO Nautilus Biosciences, Canada
Claus  Kjærsgaard, VP Consumer Health, Pronova Biopharma ASA, Norway
Ernst Kloosterman, Managing Director Biotech North, Norway
Michael Kuehnel, Sales Manager,  Eurofins GfA Lab Service GmbH, Germany
Antje Labes, Scientific coordinator, Kiel Center for marine natural products Geomar, Germany
Nadege Lagneau, Associate head of the Chemistry & Life Sciences Department, European patent attorney, Novagraaf Technologies, France
Emilie Lasson, Director Business Development Clinical Nutrition and Consumer Health, Pronova BioPharma, Norway
Patrick Lavens, INVE Aquaculture, New Business Development & Innovations Director, Belgium
Jérôme Le Friec, General Manager Inorganic Salts, Olmix Group France
Frederic Le Sourd, Research Ingineer / Post-Doc Marine Plants & Biomolecules, Roscoff Marine Biological Station, France
Christine Le Tennier, General Manager, Globe Export- Algues de Bretagne, France
Alistair Lane, Executive Director,  European Aquaculture Society, Belgium
Sérgio Leandro, Marine Resources Research Group Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal
Denise Leblanc, General Manager Aquatic and Crop Resource , National Research Council of Canada
Hans Kristian Leren, R&D Manager, Aqua Bio Technology ASA, Norway
Øystein Lie, Executive Manager, Mare Life, Norway
Marco Lizzul, Researcher, Varicon Aqua Solutions Ltd, UK
Frederic Le Sourd, Research Engineer Marine Biotechnologies, Roscoff Marine Biological Station, France
Meredith Lloyd-Evans, Managing Director BioBridge Ltd, UK
Adrien Louyer, Supervisor Aquaculture, Olmix Vietnam
Rahul  Loyalka, Director Delhi Nutraceuticals Ltd, India
Stéphane Lozachmeur, CEO Polaris, France
Remy Lucas, CEO Algopack, France
Joaquim Macedo de Sousa, Rectorate of the University of Aveiro, Portugal
Joanne MacDonald, Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Algal Bioenergy Special Interest Group, UK
Barbara Malmezat, Hydrocolloids Raw Material Procurement Manager, Cargill, France
George Marco, General Manager Aquativ (Diana Group), France
Ole J. Marvik, Sector Head, Health and Life Sciences, Innovation Norway
Miguel Marques, Economy of the Sea Executive Partner,  PwC – PricewaterhouseCoopers, Portugal
Joe McDonald, Managing Director, Varicon Aqua Solutions Ltd, UK
Douglas McKenzie, Director, Xanthella Ltd, UK
Marli MacNeil, CEO, Bionova, Canada
Andrew Mearns Spragg, Founder & CTO, Aquapharm Biodiscovery Ltd, UK
Daniel Merrifield, Research Fellow, Plymouth University, UK
Brian Monks, Cluster Manager, Bretagne Developpement Innovation, France
Deborah Mosca, CEO Marine Bio-Technologies Center of Innovation, USA
Leo Nankervis, Senior Researcher, Skretting ARC, Norway
Ilaria Nardello, Coordinator  National Marine Biotechnology Programme, Ireland
Liz O’ Donoghue, Food Safety Auditor & Technical Consultant Director Chitin Marine Products Ltd, Ireland
Stein Ove Østvik, Director R&D Norwegian Seafood Research Fund
Nicolas Pade, Technical Development Officer -Strategic Planning, European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC), UK
Aline Pajolec, CEO Thalocea, France
Roy Palmer, CEO Seafood Australia, Australia
Bent Pedersen, Technical Manager Aquaculture Europe, DSM Nutritional Products, Denmark
Rui Pedrosa, Marine Resources Research Group Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal
Manuel Pinto de Abreu, Secretary of State for the Sea, Portuguese Government
Philippe Potin, Research Director, Roscoff Marine Station France
Stephanie Rakels, Impact Investment Manager, A-Spark Good Ventures, The Netherlands
Monique Ras, IDEALG Project Manager, Roscoff Marine Station France
Jaran Rauo, CEO Marealis AS, Norway
Kelly Richard,  Investment Officer (Bioscience) Innovation PEI, Canada
Sílvia M. Rocha, QOPNA–Organic Chemistry, Natural Products and Agrofood Products, University of Aveiro,  Portugal
Maxine Roper, Food Innovation Marketing Manager Sofiproteol, France
Margarida Rossi, Science and Technology Manager, CCMar – Centro de Ciências do Mar do Algarve, Portugal
Mark St Onge, President and CEO, Ascenta Health , Canada
Jorge Saraiva, QOPNA–Organic Chemistry, Natural Products and Agrofood Products, University of Aveiro,  Portugal
Sabine Seggelke, Corporate Public Affairs Director, Royal DSM Corporate Affairs, Belgium
Thad Simons, CEO Novus Int., USA
Tage Skotvold, Business Developement and R&D Manager, ScandiDerma AS, Norway
Torben Svejgaard, Chief Executive Officer,  BioMar Group, Denmark
John Sweetman, European Technical Manager, Alltech, Ireland
Roman Szumski, Vice President Life Sciences – National Research Council of Canada
Deniz Tasdemir, Natural Product Chemistry and Marine Biodiscovery, National University of Ireland, Galway
Tuti Tan, International Aquafeed Magazine, UK
Stephan Tanda, Executive Managing Board Director – Royal DSM NV,  Netherlands
Mike Velings, Founder, A-Spark Good Ventures, The Netherlands
Piet  Verstraete, Aqua Technology Manager Novus International, USA
Helena Vieira, CEO Bioalvo SA, Portugal
Tim Yeomans, Manager, Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre, Ireland
Shutaro Yoshikawa,  Mitsui & Co., Ltd.,Director, Nutriscience Department, USA
Johanna Wesnigk, Executive Director Environmental & Marine Project Management Agency , Germany
Martin Wolf, Senior Scientific Manager; product Ideas-CoE Pharmaceuticals, B. Braun Melsungen, Germany

BioMarine London 2012 Photos

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