8th BioMarine International Business Convention
1-3 oct 2017, Rimouski Qc, Canada View Location

Apr 28


BioMarine, is supporting EU commission and Commissioner Karmenu Vella for his initiative:

The Our Ocean conference provides a unique platform for you as a corporate leader to shine a light on the actions that you are taking – or plan to take – to protect and sustainably use our oceans.

Our Biomarine Industry has many way to participate:

1. Mind Your Carbon Footprint, increase carbon capture and reduce the effects of climate change on the ocean by

Encourage marine protected areas in the vicinity of your production sites and harbor
Increasing seaweed cultivation and micro algae production.
Increase micro algae and micro-organisms cultivation for waste water treatment
Always grow and cultivate native species to avoid invasive contamination
Prefer natural and organic seaweed fertilizer instead of chemical substances
Whenever it’s possible plant and develop seagrass areas

2. Best Practices

Circular economy: the byproduct becomes the product
Make sure the waste is optimized
Work in cooperation with upstream industries to optimize the circular cycle
Tend to capitalize on waste energy extraction to reduce fossil energy from the grid
Produce, harvest, transform locally and sell high value bio compounds at the end.
Use seaweed remediation for fisheries effluent treatments (then dry and extract minerals)

3. Aquaculture

Give priority to natural breeding’s and selection methods
Develop inland aquaculture to optimize water consumption and diminish pollution risks
Increase vegetal protein in the carnivore fish diet
Increase herbivore and low trophic chain species production
Transform vegetal protein into final product to avoid ratio conversion
Increase mollusks aquaculture

4. Cosmetics

Cut on micro-beads production
Increase bio-plastics coming from seaweed starch
Develop product line base on marine natural ingredients
Make sure the production is sustainable and balanced (plant or grow the equivalent each year)

5. Nutraceuticals

Stop krill fishing and substitute with micro algae oil
Develop sustainable approach to mesopelagic harvesting

6. Pharmaceuticals

Marine compounds are vital so make sure you develop specific aquaculture to compensate what you take from oceans
Participate to marine protected areas program, and use the natural biodiversity to study what could be used
By-products such as chitin are essential in cosmetics, health-care and wound-care. Support fishing industry to improve sustainable practices and quality production

Companies making commitments for Our Ocean 2017 will be officially recognized as ‘Ocean 2017 Corporate Ambassadors’. Speaking opportunities will be made available to announce the most ambitious commitments, allowing you to present your corporate activities on a global stage. All accepted commitments will be announced at the conference in Malta and followed up at Our Ocean 2018 in Indonesia.

Find out more at ourocean2017.org

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