8th BioMarine International Business Convention
1-3 oct 2017, Rimouski Qc, Canada View Location

Aug 22

Present your project and get listed on the Ethra crowd funding platform


Ethra is the new crowd funding platform associated to BioMarine. All the projects published, represented and promoted by Ethra are connected to the marine world. They are also sustainable, responsible and innovative in the way of technology and ecological transition.

Ethra, through BioMarine, will finance new programs in biotechnology. Ethra has great interest in financing public and private projects, in the sectors of aquaculture, algae and seaweed and marine ingredients for feed, nutrition, cosmetics, environmentals, bioplastics. Services and project related to educational programs to educate and sensitize future generations will also be considered! These programs can be for-profit, with very interesting economic models and circular savings schemes or Blue Economy.

This year in Rimouski we have decided to go one step further. We will select 8 projects which will be listed on our Ethra platform.

If you have a project in the following topics, marine natural compounds and raw materials for food and feed, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biomaterials and bioplastic, remediation, submit your presentation now. We will also consider projects related to advanced technologies which could help in the development of the biomarine sectors: space, devices, IT, robotics, and energy derived from a natural biological source or chemical reaction.

To submit your project, please prepare a ONE pager presentation:

• Company Name, Brand, Logo (GIF and Jpeg Format: B&W and color)
• Mission Statement
• Activity
• Mission and Background
• Technology and Business
• Products and Services
• Highlights
• Alliance and Investment Strategy
• Contact Information (please also attach a short bio of the presenter)

And send it to pierre.erwes@biomarine.org or arthur@ethrafund.com

Presenting companies should be registered at the BioMarine convention. The one pager information that the Company will share with the BioMarine team has no privileged information. If you are selected, in 4 weeks from now we will then send you the final template for the presentation. Each presentation is 15 minutes in total. 5 minutes for the presentation itself and 10 minutes to answer the questions of our audience. By accepting to present at BioMarine you authorize BioMarine to keep it in its data base. The presentation will be available to investor and members for during a period of 12 months.