8th BioMarine International Business Convention
1-3 oct 2017, Rimouski Qc, Canada View Location


BioMarine Business Convention 2017 will take place in the Center of Congress of Hotel Rimouski

1200 rooms are available in Rimouski, 450 of which are within 500m of the BioMarine venue.
The seawall in front of the hotel will offer you 6km of waves, salty air, breathtaking views of the St Lawrence River

Meeting Venue

Hotel Rimouski
225 Boulevard René Lepage E, Rimouski, QC Canada
website: www.hotelrimouski.com

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Enjoy the indian summer! All you need to know  about your stay in Rimouski HERE

Downtown map (BioMarine Venue is  “Centre des Congres”)

New CANADA entry requirement:
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The currency used in Quebec is the Canadian dollar( CAD). It is divided into 100 cents. If you wish to know how much your money is worth in Canadian dollars, you can visit the following website: www.xe.com.

Taxes and gratuities
In Quebec, there are two taxes applicable on all the transformed goods and on all the services. These taxes are the GST (Goods and Services Tax) and the PST (Provincial Sales Tax). The GST is 5% and the PST is 7.5% and is added on top of the GST. Most of the tourist regions also charge a lodging tax of $2 or $3 per room per night, to which are added the GST and PST.
Gratuities in Quebec are not included in the prices. At the restaurant and in bars, you need to leave a tip of about 15% of the bill.

Electric current in Quebec is 110 volts and outlets cannot receive European plugs. If you come from Europe, you will then need to buy an adapter.


See you in Rimouski in October!