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Take action and support the veggie marine salmon

In a recent study a Norwegian company concluded that the microalgae meal is a very good source of omega-3 for young salmon and it can replace fish oil in feed. So can you imagine the benefit of micro algae if it’s absorbed directly without the intermediary step?

Pierre Calleja is a pioneer in nutrition and micro algae. After he left Fermentalg last year he decided to launch a new venture: ODONTELLA, new 100% natural foods, based on marine microalgae. Odontella is the first marine microalga authorized for human consumption. Among others, ODONTELLA has developed the first veggie marine salmon® that can directly substitute the consumption of salmon in terms of taste, appearance, texture, but also price. This patented product is a 100% natural food, of high nutritional quality, rich in Omega-3, vegetable marine proteins and numerous marine compounds beneficial to health. ODONTELLA works within the framework of its patents and patented formulations for the development of beverages, non-dairy products and veggie marine tuna®, which are the result of a wide ranges of natural products based on marine microalgae. The company plans to market its product ranges in early 2018. All the virtues of marine microalgae on your plate.

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