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Jun 9

Thalocea News – June 2012



thlaocea blue businessEditorial by Aline Pajolec.

Many recent articles have covered developments in aquaculture, which is increasingly topical as a key industry for food in Asia and the Middle East.

Regarding research, chitosan, already known to have wound-healing and antimicrobial applications, apparently has a promising future in anti-ageing creams, thus further extending the list of high value-added marine ingredients.

On a different note, India is further developing its algal biofuel projects and communicating about its will to invest in future scale ups of the fuel to counter fossil fuel depletion.

Algae is being developed as a source of biofuel in several parts of the world: Iranian scientists have cultivated 70 tons of microalgae as part of a pilot project, and in Thailand, Loxley is spending 2 million USD for a pilot plant.

In the UK, a new report from the Algal Bioenergy Special Interest Group highlights the benefits of cultivating both macroalgae and microalgae for commercial use, and the substantial market opportunities algae can provide, even outside the biofuel sector.

However, questions remain concerning the possible environmental consequences of large-scale algae cultivation.

Scale-up is still a problem that needs to be addressed in this industry, and recent progress has been made at the Ben Gurion University, with the creation of innovative photobioreactors producing superior biomass yields.

Interest in algae is also illustrated by the launch of Elseviers’ Algal Research, a new journal on microalgae, macroalgae and cyanobacteria and their applications.



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