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Feb 28

Where your US next venture starts…

topsail-island-rentalsOver the course of the past five years, we have been targeting the most “blue business friendly” locations in the world. This has enabled us to organize conventions that now serve as a real seabed for your future ventures and operations. During our last edition, Portugal demonstrated its ability and willingness to embrace the force of the blue economy and effectively helped to convince others to join the blue growth wave. Biomarine however is not a discussion forum: we want to create change through actions. That is why we strive to find the best opportunities, the best investors, and the best partners for your projects. So what’s next?

North Carolina’s FTZ #214: the Foreign-Trade Zone #214 is located in southeastern North Carolina. It offers individuals and businesses in a 24-county area the opportunity to import foreign goods into a duty- free zone. The N.C. Department of Transportation (NCDOT) oversees FTZ #214.
North Carolina’s FTZ #214 is an advantageous location for several reasons:
• Contains three ports of entry
• Offers tax exemption for inventory held in active zone
• Encompasses a 24-county region
• Possesses five magnate sites
• Lies between Maine and Florida
• Air cargo facility at Kingston Regional Jetport can accommodate world’s largest aircraft with its 11,500’runway
• Provides two major interstate highways with international trucking facilities
• Integrated with rail and aviation facilities, as well as two sea ports
• Offers a skilled workforce, with customized training programs available to companies through North Carolina’s Community College System

After the exceptional 2014 BioMarine in Cascais, Portugal, we are now setting up the grounds for a new world of opportunities. North Carolina has already acquired the emblematic of “first in flight”. Starting 2015 however, we should also add “first in maritime economy”. The Biotech triangle is currently scouting into the deep to prepare its next move and the Ag Biotech industry is entering the age of biomass bio-conversion, for protein, oil and mineral recovery. Our seaweed and micro-algae industries must be ready to meet the increasing demand for alternative proteins from the feeding industries.
Do you have a project related to the environment or waste water management? We want to hear from you and get you on board: the future of bio-remediation is just around the corner. Pay more attention to the local CROs which are already working on the development of new drugs extracted from various marine compounds.
Don’t know what to do with your fish waste? Are you aware that there is a technology that allows you to produce bio-degradable paint from oyster shells? This nascent industry is going to be North Carolina’s El Dorado. From the creation of new jobs to the development of sustainable products for the feeding industry, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, the socio-economic implications of this industrial revolution will be massive.
If you are contemplating expanding your business abroad, the USA is definitely the place you want to be and the ideal gateway will be the North Carolina free trade zone. We are expecting you. We are ready to help you and we will make sure that your trip to North Carolina will not be another expense for another conference, but rather become the investment of a lifetime.
Stay tuned for the launch of our website.

Best in Blue

Pierre Erwes
Executive Chairman